Oldendorff Carriers / Germany


We have been working with Oldendorff Carriers since 2001. Through the years we established a very strong relation based on reliably and full dedication. We much appreciate the loyalty shown to our company. Our professionalism and personal attendance to each particular candidate have been recognized by Mssrs. Oldendorff. We sustained the difficult period passed on few years ago. Now it is the right time to take our part in stable growth of the company. Here are the self-proving figures:
Fleet in 1980: 28 owned vessels, none on TC
Fleet in 1994: 78 vessels, incl. 23 on TC
Fleet in 2006: 230 vessels, incl. 180 on TC
Fleet in 2008: 300 vessels, incl. 250 on TC
Fleet in 2011: 400 vessels, incl. 370 on TC
Fleet in 2014: 500 vessels, incl. 400 on TC
Recently Oldendorff Carriers fast expanding their fleet and look for Captains /USD 8600, contract 4 months/, a well experienced Chief Officers /USD 6800, contract 4 months and Chief Engineers /USD 8500, contract 4 months/ candidates to join soonest possible.
Apart of this officers and engineers are great demand for the fleet of Oldendorff Carriers.

If interested apply for job via our contact form.