Veslam Shipping lead the constructions


Imagine that you are the head of a large and challenging project. As in most cases you are under pressure from the beginning. We Veslam Shipping confidently and professionally accepted the challenge to fulfill one of the largest and major works on the construction of port crane STS PACECO in Constanta port terminal SOCEP. We started the preparation works first days of July. Vessel arrived at Constanta on 23.07. Discharging operations completed 28.07.
The total weight of PACECO crane is about 1200 tons. The parts for assembling and mounting have unit weight varying from 20 up to 200 tons. Handling of this part requires appropriate professional equipment. On the territory of container terminal SOCEP we delivered the cranes with lifting capacity of 100, 250 and 600 tons as well as special vehicles: Trucks and Dollies for transportation from pier to the worksite.
Under the management of Veslam Shipping are few companies and teams:
Maritza Manpower Bulgaria, ADD Romania and a team of 20 technicians for assembling the crane.
Special additional equipment and tools from Turkey were delivered by trucks and containers to SOCEP terminal.
Installation work will take about three months and in early November, the crane to be in exploitation.